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Terms of Service

These Terms of Hands-on Experience Services (hereinafter “the Terms”) set out rules that apply uniformly to Vision Inc. (hereinafter “the Company”) and the participants (hereinafter “Customers”) in hands-on experience events operated by the Company who use services (hereinafter “Services”) to be provided by event organizers at venues for events (hereinafter “Venues for Events”).

  1. The Services are hands-on experience services that are provided at Venues for Events by event organizers that lease the Venues for Events that are operated by the Company.
  2. If the event organizer presents an individual set of rules on an individual Service, the Customers shall comply with the Terms and the individual set of rules.
  3. The Company will receive the Customers’ applications for the Services and provide other services on behalf of the event organizers. The Company will not be involved in any agreements between the Customers and event organizers and will assume no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble between the Customers and event organizers.
  4. The Customers shall pay fees for Services in ways specified separately by the Company or event organizers.
  5. The Customers shall apply for Services in ways specified separately by the Company. The agreements on participation in Services (hereinafter “Agreements”) will be concluded if the Company or the event organizers express their intention to accept the Customers’ applications for participation in the Services.
  6. In principle, no cancellation of the Agreements will be accepted.
  7. The Company will handle information on the Customers’ applications under its privacy policy.
  8. The Customers will follow the directions of the Company or event organizers in the Venues for Events.
  9. If the Customers cause damage to the Company, event organizers, or a third party, they shall compensate the Company, event organizers, or third party for the damage.
  10. The Company will not pay compensation for any troubles related to the Services, including problems with their content and their fitness for individual Customers’ purposes.
  11. The terms will be governed by and construed under the laws of Japan. Lawsuits related to the Services will be filed to the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court as the agreed court of first instance with exclusive jurisdiction.